Continental and Island destinations

Wte aims to give a platform to tourist destinations to showcase their comparative advantages, with the aim of boosting tourism in their region and developing local economies.

Thematic (Alternative) Tourism

Thematic tourism will play a central role in the WTE, as all forms of alternative tourism provided by the country around the country and the potential for further development will be presented. The forms of thematic tourism that will be hosted are:

  • City Break (City Break Destination Development, , Shopping, Architecture , Entertainment ,Experience , Shopping Centres, Cultural Routes, History etc.).
  • Sports Tourism (Sports Events, Activities & Events, Paragliding, Paragliding, Climbing, Golf, Mountaineering, Mountaineering, Mountaineering Skiing, Mountain Biking, Mountain Running)
  • Gastronomic Tourism (Flavours, Breweries, Organic Hemp Products, Organic Hemp Products, Vegetarian and Vegan Products, Traditional Restaurants, Traditional Products, Distilleries, Local Cooperatives)
  • Geotourism (Geoparks, Caves)
  • Educational Tourism (Educational and Cultural Programmes, Getting to know the Greek Cultural Heritage)
  • Marine Tourism (Fishing Tourism, Marine Games, Marine Parks, Diving Tourism, Diving Tourism, Marinas, Cruise Tourism, Pleasure Boats)
  • Religious and Pilgrimage Tourism (Churches, Monasteries)
  • Wine Tourism (Wine Routes, Estates, Wineries)
  • Cultural Tourism (Archaeological Sites, Monuments, Museums, Castles, Historical Monuments, Customs and Musical Events, Cultural Events, Festivals)
  • Conference Tourism ( Exhibition Centres, Conference Centres)
  • Health and Wellness Tourism (Spa Tourism, Hot Springs, Spas, Centres, Medical Tourism, Thalassotherapy, Therapeutic Programmes, Yoga, Spa, etc.)
  • Rural Tourism (Rural Tourism Rural Activities related to Agriculture, Livestock, Beekeeping, Beekeeping etc., Ecosystem Observation) Ecotourism (Developed in ecologically significant areas, mainly of institutionalised environmental protection, e.g. Natura areas)
  • Outdoor Activities (Climbing, Canoe Kayak ,Canyoning, Horse Riding ,River Kayak, Mountain Biking, Mountaineering & Hiking Clubs, Cycling, Rafting , Adventure trips, River Trekking, Outdoor Activities)
  • Winter Tourism & Ski Tourism (Skiing , Winter Sports, Ski Centres)

Gastronomy – Drinks


Gastronomy will be a special section of wte, at a time when Greek cuisine is gaining more and more recognition in the international culinary scene, while the development of gastronomic tourism is a challenge for many regions of the country. At the same time, producers will be in direct contact with the tourism sector, always with the aim of increasing the penetration of local Greek products in the country’s tourism product.


Wine, beer and spirits will have their own exclusive section at wte, where producers and their operators will have the opportunity not only to present their unique creations to the public, but also the wine roads, visiting wineries and breweries.